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An Entire Life In Pictures

Do you think anyone has had their picture taken every single day of their life? If it hasn’t happened yet I don’t think it’s that hard to imagine it will happen at some point, cameras are just so damn accessible now.

My daughter is almost four months old and I’d be shocked if either me or my wife haven’t taken at least one picture of her each day since she was born. We’ve done a decent job of archiving them on her Tumblr but I know we missed a few days of posting.

I think that at some point in time, whether it’s done intentionally or not, there will be at least one person who will have had their picture taken at on every single day of their life.

Imagine if someone did this intentionally and managed to archive all the pictures in chronological order. If they lived to 85 that would be and entire life in at least 31,025 pictures, it would be absolutely insane and so emotional to look at them all.

Does anyone know of this happening or taking place right now? I’d love to follow it.

30 at 30

Yesterday I turned 30 and keeping with my tradition here are 30 nuggs of knowledge I’ve acquired in the past year.

1. Life is fragile, I mean flip of a coin fragile, so cherish those close to you. 

2. You won’t always get credit for the things you accomplish.

3. Cheeseburgers are still my favorite food.

4. STFU about your cool idea and start building it.

5. If you are still thinking about your cool idea rage quite your browser right now and go start building it.

6. Nothing can prepare you for sleep depravation.

7. The dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland.

8. Go slow.

9. You might be sitting next to someone really important right now and not know it so be respectful.

10. Be respectful anyway.

12. Design isn’t just a visual thing, design your life.

12 It’s ok to like your job.

13. It’s ok to hate your job.

14. Doctors are heroes, like for reals.

15. Find time to do nothing.

16. No matter how many times you photoshop someone’s boobs or junk it feels sketchy.

17. Go to NYC and explore.

18. Organizing something on a large scale is hard as shit.

19. You can give up on an idea and come back to it later on.

20. Durham is cooler than Raleigh.

21. Brussel Sprouts.

22. Just ask.

23. I would much rather hear about your life than your opinions on someone else’s life. 

24. Last year I took NC for granted.

25. I don’t know nearly as much as I thought .

26. I don’t actually like movies.

27. Seeds produce way more plants than you might think, check yo self when starting a garden. 

28. Sunshine.

29. Don’t wait too long, time flies.

30. You are doing just fine, try and enjoy it.

The Crossroads of Should and Must

This is the best article I’ve read in a long time about work and life. I usually hate this type of thing because people in the tech community can come across as ungrateful when talking about leaving their jobs to pursue passions, but this is different.

Mad props to alleluia for both having the guts to do what you shoe did while showing respect for her former employer.

*My article that I linked to above references a fictional character who quits their job to “live the dream” in Bali. This is not related to Elle Luna’s story in any way and is coincidence, Bali just sounds like they type of place I’d peace out to if I wanted to get away.