I’m Brandon Houlihan, a product designer located in Durham, North Carolina. I’m currently working as the lead designer at Switch Four. We are building WorkTrip to make planning and attending work events easier. I'm passionate about building Human-Centric products and organizations.


You can find me on Medium writing about design, process, and video games.

Providing Value Beyond Visual Design

There is a Slack team for designers in the Raleigh/Durham area that I participate in and last week one of the members asked a really interesting question to our general chat channel...

Building a User-Centric Organization by Taking Initiative

At our last Intent Meetup we held a panel discussion focused on what it takes to build user-centric organizations. The event took place at Full Frame theatre in Durham and was co-hosted with Ladies That UX Durham...

How To Structure Product Feedback

Providing feedback on products is tricky. When done properly it can serve as a valuable tool that fosters positive relationships and improves the products we build. When done poorly it can....


You can also find me talking about design, process, and video games.

Games UX: PCs vs Consoles

On this episode of Games UX I join a panel of designers to talk about PCs and consoles. We discuss the subtle differences of input (keyboard and controllers) and output (TVs and displays) as well as social gameplay (online and IRL). We dig into how multi-tasking can affect the experience as well as how it all relates to mobile. Find out who will win, PC or console.


You can find me on Twitter posting memes and the occasional rant about something I probably have no business talking about.