Facebook is creating a parallel internet in emerging markets

Da fuq?

Maybe like the waffle has a long shadow that goes down to another waffle’s imprints and then that waffle shoots out shadows to another waffle’s imprints, but that new waffle is the first waffle and the cycle continues. 

Open Carry

Yesterday I was sharing this post about open carry at a Target in Texas and people love them some gun drama so I got a few responses. Those who support this type of thing argue that it’s ok because it’s “the law” and as an american you should exercise your legal rights. 

Sorry gun peeps but in some places “the law” let’s you beat your wife for looking at you the wrong way, so just because something is the law does not mean it’s right or shouldn’t ever be changed.

I’m not even going to get into the argument about how unnecessary it is to have a semi-automatic gun in a Target…but yea, under no circumstances is that ever needed. Open carry is just ridiculous. 

Yesterday I had chicken and waffles for the first time at Dames. I had a sweet potato waffle with fried chicken cutlet and peach “smear”. The smear is just butter and has a horrible name, but wharves, it was good.

The meal was baller as hell and Dames totally lived up to the hype. One of the best parts about moving to the south has been experiencing ridiculous fried food meals like. I love you Dames.

This morning I was in line at Dunkin Donuts, the guy in front of me was ordering when another man came rushing in, threw some cash on the counter and said “I’ve got his breakfast, I almost ran him over in the parking lot”. The dude not only apologized for driving like an ass, he bought the other guy breakfast! This made my whole day.

You ever notice how in shows that take place in California the characters always drive old, hipster ass cars?

Why the hell is this surgeon dude driving home in a jeep wrangler from the 1960s? Makes no effin sense to me. Plus, the cars are always super reliable despite their old age. Mysteries.