I’m Brandon Houlihan, a designer located in Raleigh NC. When I’m not building products to help musicians at ReverbNation I enjoy taking pictures and hanging with my beautiful wife and daughter.

A few things I’ve made.

Easy Choice

Easy Choice started as a way for me to dip my feet into IOS dev and try my hand at making geometric icons in Illustrator. I pieced together enough knowledge with the help of some friends to make an app and get it in the app store. 


147 is a blog about the Triangle creative community and the people that make it awesome. I started it as a way to showcase the people around me and the site is constantly evloving.

Beyond Beta

A few years ago I didn’t get a ticked to Brooklyn Beta but decided to go to Brooklyn anyway during the conference. I hit up Chris Shifflett to see if there was anything else going on in town during the conference and it led to us creating a whole bunch of events around NYC that turned into Beyond Beta.

Willis Ipsum

As a long time Wesley Willis fan I had to make an ipsum generator with his lyrics. I mean c’mon, they are perfect for this type of thing. Use Willis Ipsum in your next mock up, Wesley would be proud.